Kardium Inc. has developed an advanced system for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF), which affects more than 59 million people worldwide1 and can increase the risk of stroke by 500%.2

The Globe® Pulsed Field (PF) System is the most complete solution for AF, offering single-shot pulmonary vein isolation, high-definition mapping, and atrial ablation — all in a single catheter. This allows electrophysiologists (EPs) to both ablate and confirm the effectiveness of the ablation in real-time.

The Globe PF System records and displays tissue contact, temperature, and electrical activity in the atrium, allowing EPs to confirm tissue contact, ablate, and verify treatment success in real-time as they work inside the heart.

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“The Globe Mapping and Ablation System has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we treat atrial fibrillation.”

Prof. Hans Kottkamp, Düsseldorf, Germany


AF is an electrical disorder of the upper chambers of the heart (the atria) that causes rapid electrical signals that may reach hundreds of beats per minute. These signals interfere with the ability of the upper chambers to contract in a coordinated way, causing decreased pumping action and passive blood flow in the heart.

Cardiac Catheter Ablation: How It Works

Resetting heart rhythm

Catheter ablation is used to interrupt erratic electrical signals in targeted areas of heart tissue, interrupting arrhythmia and restoring the heart to a normal rhythm.

Isolating pulmonary veins

The four pulmonary veins that empty into the heart’s left atrium are most often where erratic signals originate. When successful, cardiac ablation prevents those signals from entering the heart, stopping the arrhythmia.

Creating lesions

Cardiac ablation works by intentionally scarring areas of heart tissue to either isolate or eliminate areas that are causing rapid and irregular heartbeats.

Treating non-invasively

A long, flexible tube, or catheter, is inserted through a blood vessel and moved into the heart to deploy the ablation system — which applies heat or extreme cold directly to the tissues isolated for treatment.

An estimated half a million catheter ablation procedures are conducted worldwide each year.


Other catheter ablation systems offer distinct yet limited functionality. Some use single-tip catheters with a single electrode to ablate anywhere in the atrium.
Others use inflatable balloons to isolate pulmonary veins (PV) and freeze affected tissue. Both require multiple catheters to conduct mapping inside the atrium to identity AF sources and overall catheter ablation treatment efficacy remains low.

Globe catheter


Kardium’s Globe® PF Mapping and Ablation System is the only system to combine rapid PV isolation, high-resolution mapping and atrial ablation into a complete solution. Based on more than a decade of research and development and more than 100 patents, the system includes a single spherical catheter with 122 electrodes, software for high-resolution mapping and ablation control, and a pulsed field (PF) generator for ablation.

Quick and easy pulmonary vein isolation (PVI)

The Globe PF System is used to interrupt erratic electrical signals around the pulmonary veins and restore the heart to a normal rhythm. Its sophisticated catheter with 122 electrodes enables rapid treatment and offers real-time insights to the EPs performing the procedure.

Continuous, high-definition mapping

The Globe PF System records and displays tissue contact, temperature, and electrical activity in the atrium, allowing EPs to confirm tissue contact, ablate, and verify treatment success in real-time as they work inside the heart.

Single catheter, all-in-one complete solution

The Globe PF System combines best-in-class technologies into a single catheter, including the rapid and targeted ablation of balloon catheters, the flexibility of single-tip catheters, and the high-definition mapping of multi-electrode catheters. Complete functionality is available to the EP without the need to change catheters.

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The catheter ablation market is estimated to be $6 billion.


Kardium was founded in 2007, creating a team of the best engineers, medical researchers, quality and compliance experts, and production staff to develop and manufacture the Globe PF System. Guided by top medical advisors and leading clinical electrophysiologists, we are making a positive impact every day helping treat a condition that debilitates millions worldwide.

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